3 thoughts on “midnight blue”

  1. The books look great. Yesterday in the archives I was examining a scrapbook created by a mother in 1910. She clipped articles, obits, wrote poetry and it was in great condition. The interesting thing about it was the book looked like a regular book with a name and author on the spine but every page was blank so she could write in it. This reminded me of some of the book covers that I have brought home for you to reuse.

  2. Amy, these (and the other stuff on here I’ve never commented on – even though its’ all awesome) are gorgeous! Of course I can’t be at your holiday art sale, but I would love to buy something 🙂 Any chance you’d ship three books of your choice to MD for me? I’m thinking Christmas presents. I could do PayPal or send a check or whatever. Email me – krismsulli@gmail.com

    Miss you, and much love! – Kristin

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