7 thoughts on “mission insulate: complete”

    1. I have an aversion to salting this blog with my words– but knowing it is not self-evident and that it is inconsistent with the color theme, here’s the explanation: My studio is only half-finished, so in order to brace myself for winter and maintain feeling in my digits, I put up some insulation. It doubled as an opportunity to clear away old projects and prepare for new ones, so this post is just a mini-celebration of this mission complete.

      As for the tree, I took a walk around the neighborhood and found the fir tree. Liking its shape and the surrounding light, I plopped down and began to sketch in a neighbor’s yard. Unfortunately, his dirty look implied this is not the way to make friends round here.

    1. you just gotta come share in my delight! the collage is actually the cover of my word-journal. i think i’ve been diggin’ the wabi sabi style. i CANT wait to get my hands dirty with woodblock printing. do tell about your permaculture group! perhaps via email…

  1. Ooh, I love the tree, too!! It kind of captures all of the unique colors of the Northwest in one fell swoop. And still a fan of the octopus, always.

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